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CLGLA is pleased to continue its work with small businesses, entrepreneurs and franchisees, in all phases of business operations. In many cases, we have created packages of services tailored to startups, initial operational years and maturity, which address certain legal matters of specific importance to business owners. There is a package available, no matter the stage of business YOU are in now.

FOR THOSE JUST BEGINNING IN BUSINESS, whether deciding the choice of entity or what location to choose, CLGLA has experienced counsel to help you analyze and make the decision best for you. A landlord's lease can be a minefield of possible problems, but CLGLA helps you avoid even the most complicated traps. Even before the doors open, CLGLA can guide you and all of your partners in the important planning stages so that you go into the business with your eyes wide open and making the best decisions you can make for YOU. Simply going through the process of negotiating a Memorandum of Understanding or Shareholders' Agreement gives you insight into your partners and vision for your future.

IN THE INITIAL OPERATING YEARS, your focus is on stabilizing and expanding business. Whether you need to rethink your marketing strategy, close a non-performing division, or consider joining forces with complimentary operators, navigation is a little easier with experienced counsel by your side, answering questions as you go, and helping you to avoid unforeseen pitfalls.

AS THE BUSINESS MATURES AND YOU START MAKING OWNERSHIP CHANGES, checking that your business exit strategy and ensuring that the owners' estate planning is in place are two important matters that must be addressed to ensure continuity of operations and maximizing the value of everything for which you have worked so hard.

For FRANCHISEES, CLGLA has developed a FRANCHISE PROTECTION PACKAGE and is currently in the rollout phase with a national franchise. This package was specifically created to address today's challenges faced by franchisees, including how to best protect your investment and operations from non-compliance with the Americans with Disabilities Act, implementing consistent and compliant employee policies and keeping up with ever-changing labor laws by utilizing an Employee Manual, and if necessary, entering the Court system to enforce or defend your rights.

For FRANCHISORS, CLGLA will help you ready your business for franchising, help to take your concept and turn it into reality, and ready your business to take investors. By preparing the UFDD, business plan, and Operations, Training and Marketing Manuals, CLGLA creates the whole package. With over 20 years of onsite concept development and franchise management, our team members are ready to take your business to the next level.